This resource booklet has been prepared for the Medical Council of New Zealand (the Council) by Mauri Ora Associates and SAEJ Consultancy, with assistance from Panapa Ehau.

The Council would like to formally acknowledge the contribution of the Expert Advisory Group: Dr Debbie Ryan, Dr Api Talemaitoga, Ava Fa’amoe, Tose Tuhipa, Metua Falasisila, and Sione Tu’itahi.

This resource booklet is designed to assist branch advisory bodies and help doctors to meet the cultural competence requirements of the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003 (HPCAA) and to improve the health outcomes of all Pacific peoples. The booklet complements the Council’s Statement on Cultural Competence and the Best Health Outcomes for Mäori: Practice Implications resource.

The booklet offers guidance on the cultural diversity of and cultural preferences for Pacific peoples in New Zealand. The description of Pacific culture in this booklet is necessarily generalised because there are at least 22 separate Pacific nations,* each with its own culture and history.