Cultural Competency Course

It was simple to use. I like how I was able to do the course within a matter of hours. There is a good amount of resources available; valuable learning opportunity.


I liked the video material.


Learning about how to help support different cultures.

Cody, Pegasus

Videos and transcripts – Useful learning aid.


Interesting and easy to follow.

(email withheld)

I think a regular refresher for everyone in health would be valuable.



Treaty Course

The Treaty Course opened my view and increased my understanding of the nation of New Zealand. Learning about laws or statutes and ethics of New Zealand Heath fraternity, the history and culture of the Maori people also made me reflect on my own ethics and cultural status and safety. The insight of which helped me understand more the values and needs of the Maori and all other inhabitants of New Zealand. Besides making me feel more prepared to live and work in New Zealand, I feel more eager to learn more and develop personally and professionally. It seems to me this course was made after good research and doesn’t need much improvement, there are even texts to help one to revisit information in the videos. It’s been a wonderful course and eye opener. Thanks so much to the staff at Mauriora Health Education Research. Keep up the good work.


Very informative and easy to follow. We liked the three speakers and the relevance of specifics they spoke about to general practice and how to apply this in that setting. Learning’s included focus on whanau to support getting outcomes for the Maori population and the need to ensure appropriate care planning with the patient and their whanau.

Brian, ProCare

I found it very interesting and informative. Not being born in New Zealand it was a good lesson in NZ history.


Variety of information, video, timeline etc.

(email withheld)

The course gave me a clear understanding of New Zealand’s history…it was very informative.


Very informative, enabled me to go over and enhance my knowledge of the Treaty of Waitangi. Modules were easy to follow and very interesting.

(email withheld)

I liked people explaining their perspectives, it wasn’t all facts.

(email withheld)

It presented an important topic, with well done, concise research.


Clear, supported by extra reading as required.

Waikato DHB user

I found the course very educational.


Informative and very interesting.

Kathryn, Healthwest